What is an Intuitive Personal Painting?

It is a form of artwork created specifically for an individual representing the nature of that person’s soul.  It is not a portrait (of a face) but incorporates many different aspects of the person the art seeks to depict.  The painting will include colors that capture the essence of the subject, which may or may not coincide with past aura photos.  Various elements and symbols representative of different facets of the individual’s life may be included.  Intuitive Personal Paintings are not quick sketches; they are artistic creations and take time, meditation and collaboration with Spirit in order to manifest a unique piece of fine art that portrays the essence of the subject’s soul.  Artist Mary Clouse relies on her own intuition as well as limited information from her subjects in order to allow for the most pure portrayal to surface.  Since the design, colors and elements of the painting are based on intuition, Mary discourages requests for specific content in her work, allowing Spirit to dictate the composition.
The process of gathering inspiration for your Intuitive Personal Painting begins with completing a questionnaire.   Mary will review the responses and begin the process of meditating on the subject and allowing Spirit to begin illustrating to her the elements of the painting.  Mary will typically schedule a short interview with the subject (15 – 30 minutes) to round out her artistic impressions.  Then the creation process begins! 

About the Artist:

Mary Clouse is an animal communicator, author and artist from central Indiana.  Growing up in Ohio, she was known for her artistic creations as well as her empathic abilities. She graduated from Marian University in Indianapolis with a degree in Fine Art.  Her journey into the world of animal communication and medical intuition began when a Medicine Horse by the name of Sunshine Natalia (aka “Natalie”) entered her life and turned the world she thought she knew upside-down.  She has published several books, including “Medicine Horse Woman – Lessons on Spirituality and Healing from an Animal Communicator,” is a columnist for a national digital women’s magazine, and publishes a bimonthly eNewsletter, Animal Wisdom.   Her work has been featured on TV and radio as well as in print media around the country.

In 2013 Mary returned to her fine art roots by turning her attention to watercolor painting.  Her work has received a number of awards and some of her more traditional watercolors are showcased at Gallery 42 (galleryfortytwo.com) in downtown Indianapolis.  Her paintings frequently include the animals she loves so dearly.

Details on the Process, Ordering, Pricing and Production:

The content, design, paper and colors of an Intuitive Person Painting are selected by the artist.  The size of the painting is selected by the commissioner of the art.  Approximate sizes:  small – quarter sheet 11x15, medium – half sheet 15x22, large – full sheet 22x30. (Size is the primary factor in determining price as it will also affect the complexity of the design and the amount of time to create the painting.) These are not portraits. In fact, in most cases the face will not be distinguishable.  The paintings are intended to be a reflection of the soul elements of the person, which is represented by different colors, animals, nature symbols, archetypes and personal totems.  

Colors are selected based on the aura colors Mary perceives around the individual both presently as well as those that predominate the subject’s life.  The colors chosen may or may not coincide with previous aura photos or artwork of the subject. The design elements are intuitively selected by the artist specifically for you (the subject of the painting). Mary will select the paper type based on the design and elements to be included in the painting. Some of the various types of paper used in her paintings:  140# and 300# cold press watercolor paper (traditional); Yupo (plasticized paper that allows for unusual flow of colors and vibrancy, comes in a variety of weights, including translucent, which can be painted on both sides and resembles stained glass in its transparency); illustration or Bristol board;  or Masa paper (gives a batik-like appearance).

Mary may include natural artifacts in the finished painting (wood, crystals, feathers, etc.). Paintings are unframed.  However, depending on the finished painting it may be wet or dry mounted, depending on the type of paper and/or inclusion of artifacts in the painting.

Delivery time is 2-4 months.  The buyer will be notified if there is any change to that time frame.  You will also be given updates once the project has been started, to keep you informed on the anticipated delivery date.

Pricing will vary considerably, depending on the details and size of the painting.  Small paintings (11x13) start at $350, half sheets at $550, and full sheet paintings start at $750, depending on the complexity of the design.

READY TO ORDER?  Contact Mary for the questionnaire and contract.

Order and Production Process Terms:

There is a $100 deposit to hold your place in Mary Clouse's painting schedule. Mary will provide the anticipated final price for the painting upon receipt of your completed questionnaire and the phone interview. You must indicate your acceptance of the final cost in writing (email is acceptable) before production will begin on the actual painting and a second installment is due at that time (typically the deposit and the second payment will equal 2/3 of the final cost of the painting, less shipping and tax). There is a $50 fee for cancelations received prior to production. Orders may not be canceled once production of the painting has begun; there are no refunds for commissioned paintings. The final installment (unpaid balance of the art, S&H and tax) is due upon completion of the painting.  Paintings will ship upon receipt of final installment and will be insured for the full value of the art.