You may have noticed my recent name change. I am happy to report that I married the love of my life in August, 2014 (GOOD news!). While my new legal name is Mary Harris, clients have known me by Mary Marshall for so many years I felt that I would need to gradually make the transition of names over the next several years. Kindly update your contact information. For those who prefer to pay by check for services, be sure to make it payable to Mary Harris. My long-time companion, mentor and beloved Medicine Horse, Sunshine Natalia, aka “Natalie,” crossed into spirit on August 8, 2014 (BAD news). She lived to the ripe old age of 28—good for any horse—but especially true of a mare who had survived two colic surgeries. She spent the last few years happily retired, grazing in the field and sleeping at night with her middle-aged gelding son, Desi. They took turns standing guard over each while the other would recline. Natalie promised me some years ago that she would never leave me, even when she left her physical body. True to her word, she came through from spirit, communicating with me much as she had in her prime (GOOD news!). She did not miss a beat, even weighing in on some pressing family matters. I will once again be taking a holiday sabbatical this year, beginning sometime in early/mid December (depending on when my daughter goes into labor... we are expecting our first grandchild --yah!), through New Years Day.