American Bashkir Curly Horse Association

Learn more about this rare, gentle, and very smart breed

Animal Shelters

Find a shelter in your area to adopt a pet.

Animals for Adoption

Many rescue organizations post their foster pets through this website.

Blessed Herbs

This company offers an array of herbs and herbal-based products.

Canine Think Tank

Canine/Human Harmony in the Home: In-home consultations helping humans lead their pack. 317-884-4934.

Dogster Vet Blog

A great resource for asking questions about your pet's health.

Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

My resource for TCM (Traditional Chinese Herbs) as well as herbs not typically carried by traditional herbalists.

The Heart's Journey - Kathy Barr, Spiritual Counselor/Healer

Healing the body, mind and spirit through reflexology, Reiki-energy healing, spiritual & intuitive counseling.

HorseTech; PupSup

For custom blended equine supplements HorseTech offers terrific service and value. Their sister company, PupSup, makes high quality supplements for canines.

Indianapolis Humane Society

International Doodle Owners Group, Inc.

A not-for-profit group dedicated to promoting responsible breeding and ownership of Labradoodles and Goldendoodles as well as providing resources for Doodles in need (rescues).

Monrovia Mudworks

Truly unique pottery, Jolee Chartrand can create a pot with your pet's hair. A wonderful option for holding memorial ashes.

Mountain Rose Herbs

One of my favorite resources for organically grown herbs.

Nature's Sunshine

Supplements for whatever ails you. Nature's Sunshine manufacturers high quality, consitent herbal supplements.


My commercial dog food of choice, I have fed the lamb and rice variety for many years. The dry kibble is comprised of high-quality, human-grade ingredients and boosts lots of extra omega-3 fatty acids (critical for health) as well as nutritional supplements for joint health. The manufacturing plant is located in the US (Tuffy Pet Foods)

Pet Obesity Prevention

Great tips for helping Fido and Fluffy win the battle of the bulge

Pet Plan

Affordable, quality pet insurance. If you have a pet, it is a very wise investment!


Top-notch equine feed. I've fed it for years with excellent results. My horses exhibit good levels of energy, glossy coats and strong hooves. Their reps are extremely helpful in tailoring a food program to meet the specific needs of your horse.

Remu International

Remu is a US distributor for medical grade LED lights. I've used LED therapy on everything from surgical sites (post-op) to arthritic joints. Remu also carries several great supplements for combating free radicals (a key player in causing cancer).


Custom intuitive oil blends that I often recommend to clients for specific issues with animals.  Brigitte Baker, the artisan crafter of these creations, using only the finest ingredients and then infuses each mixture with Reiki energy.

Speaking for Spot

A website from veterinarian Nancy Kay, that assists pet owners in being advocates for their pets.


Quality supplements for joint, digestive, respiratory health and more. I've used their products for years; they are dependable and cost effective.


While Uckele carries a wide array of great products, one of my all time favorites is Devil's Claw Plus, an herbal based equine anti-inflamatory. I use this product when my horses are sore after a long day on the trail or when the arthritis kicks up.

Walter Weston - Emmotional Release Therapy

Walter's books outline one of the healing techniques Mary uses with animals and people. Visit his website to learn more about ERT, find local practitioners and purchase books.


Find up to the minute info on health issues for your pets. The content is reviewed by veterinarians and is a wonderful education tool

Willard Water

This is the water that was featured on 60 Minutes. I use it for my health and that of my animals but it is great for a whole host of uses.