This is the most common question I hear. Phone readings typically spark the most questions, such as do I have to put the phone up to my dog's ear or,where should I call from?

Prior to any reading, in person or by phone, I take a few minutes to pray and center myself (prayer is an integral part of my work). At the start, I remind the owner that animals can be introverted (shy) and extroverted (outgoing) just like people and that some animals are quick to chat, while others take a while to warm up. I also remind the owner that I am not a medical professional and that any suggestions I make regarding health, nutrition, exercise or supplements should be reviewed with your veterinarian prior to implementation. I then ask for the animal's name and, if this is a phone reading, I ask for a brief physical description. I proceed with some simple questions such as what the animal likes to eat, where he sleeps or an image of his favorite companion. I wait until the owner is able to confirm what the animal is telling me. This serves two purposes. One, it validates for the owner that their pet is indeed passing on personal information. Secondly, and this is especially important for phone readings, it provides me with confirmation that I am communicating with the correct animal.

Proximity to the animals is of no importance when doing readings. The animals are perfectly capable of communicating long distance. The images, sensations and feelings the animals send to me are not hindered by distance. When I am conducting a phone reading it is not necessary for the owner to hold the phone up to the animal. In fact, it is not necessary for the animal to be in the presence of the owner. They are fully able to communicate from any place if we are willing to "listen" I find that many owners enjoy having their pets in the room during a reading. I frequently hear comments that the animal must "know" that we are speaking of them. This is most certainly the case, since the animal is directly involved in the discussion.

As with newly introduced people, I begin the conversations with pleasantries and simple questions. Once the animal feels comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings we progress to the tougher questions regarding health or behavior problems. As a general rule, animals are very honest. They are quite candid about why they are behaving the way they are and are quick to tell me if there are circumstances in the owner's life that are contributing to the animal's problems. Most animals are also aware of health problems in their bodies. They will frequently tell me about items they think might help in their healing.

I especially enjoy conducting readings "in person," as the animals will usually show signs of appreciating the extra attention. Animals like having their thoughts and feelings known and respected in much the same way that humans do. Communicating with animals brings me great joy. My hope is that I am able to impart helpful information to the owners, trainers and companions of these animals, thereby improving the lives of all involved. Please see the Schedule/Fee page for more information, or contact me by phone or e-mail.